Sunday, July 20, 2008

Following the footsteps of Anastasia...

taken from Anastasia by Vladimir Megre

The humans in now-a-days have become distant from nature (the majority at least). The consciousness about food, which comes in contact with the human organism, has been lost in a big amount. We are not aware for many fruits and vegetables how they grow, and in very extreme cases even how they look like normally. The direct communication between the humans and the plants that we taste has an essential meaning, both for our bodily and spiritual life. Today, people have become used to see the picture of big fields full of dangerous machines. On the contrary, people know every plant that grows in their small gardens surrounding their living homes.

Everything walking on the Earth, every plant, every bug has been made for the human being, their purpose and task is to be in the service of the humans. Many medicinal plants are a living proof of that. Every planted seed has in itself a big number of cosmically information. This amount is in-compariable with anything else created. With the help of this information the seed knows exactly until a mill-second of time, when it should become alive, to come up, which juices to take from the Earth core, how to use the radiation of the cosmos- the sun, moon, stars, how to grow and which fruit to give. The given conditions are meant to provide for the human life. This fruits can successfully, stronger then any medicine created by the human hand in the world, fight and protect the human organism from any sickness, but the seed must be aware of this from the start, so it can, in the process of it's growth provide it's fruit with the ingredients needed. For the cure of a certain person on his/her certain sickness or if the person has the predisposition to get sick.

In order for the seed from the cucumber, the tomato, or any other plant, to be able to cure any sickness and have the information of a certain human being, you should follow these instructions:

Before planting the seed should be put into the mouth and should be kept not more then 9 minutes, and then in the palms it should be held 30 seconds on the sun, you should stay bare foot on the ground where you are going to plant it. The open palms should come closer and you should blow air into the palms carefully. Then it should be planted into the ground. It shouldn't be covered with water for 3 days. The planting should be done in the right days (check with the monthly calendar of plants). It is essential to leave at least one kind of grass in the garden .

The seed in this way collects in itself the information about the person and in the process of its growth chooses the maximum energy needed from the cosmos and the Earth, for this human being. During its growth it is essential for the plant to maintain its growth- once during its growth under a full moon to come to it and touch it.

The fruits from the seed and used by the human, are capable of curing him/her from any sickness, and in big amount to slow down the aging of the organism, to release bad habits, to increase the intellectual capabilities and to give calmness to the soul.

It is not mandatory to plant a whole line of cucumbers, tomatoes and all the others, few pieces are enough. The growth and the fruits plantend like this are different not only by how they look like but also by their taste. If they are analysed they are different by the ingredients they have.

It is important for the human to work in the garden bare foot and with bare hands because with their sweating that has toxins, the Earth gets information about every human's sickness. Every morning when you wake up you should go to the garden and have a morning ritual was yourself close to the plants.

Except for the basic fruits which are going to be planted, this essential elements are also important in the garden without which you can not imagine the micro climate of a certain place:
Sunflower (at least one), a surface of 1, 5-2 m2 wheat cultures, and one small island not more then 2 m2 should be left with natural herbs and grass.

It is enough to plant just a few plants and to give them enough love, so they will give you the same love back. It is most important to satisfy your nature part within you, from the nature that surrounds you full of information about yourself.

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